NYCHTOPHOBIC (Ger): “Sterility” split 7″ Ep with EXHUMED (USA/Ca) 1998 Revenge


Anyway NYCTOPHOBIC are veterans of the grind core scene as well. I used to put them in the interminable list of DISCHARGE clones a while ago but I admit the continue to mute unremittingly their sound. Grind, absolutely grind, and I might add they got some reminiscence of crusty melodic guitar work but the vocals are so bestial and the sound so compact and clean I wouldn’t consider them on par with DISGUST et similia. Seems as if EXHUMED and NYCHTOPHOBIC somewhat converged towards the same center. Never heard EXHUMED so raw, nor NYCTOPHOBIC so metal. Ahah. Cool.

Vote: 6.5

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