NYCTOPHOBIC (Ger): “Insects” Cd 2000 Morbid


Powerful grind core with a explicit crusty backbone, this is NYCTOPHOBIC. While the clean vocals fail sometimes to valorize their music, well after all this is not my favorite style of singing I admit, the rest of the instruments are able to create a pretty compact bundle of sounds of pounding grind and punk and hardcore. Sometimes I can perceive a drop of newest NAPALM DEATH color into the tracks, with its powerful, unrelenting crushing thumping, although most of the times they just bring forth memories of ENT, DISCHARGE and the new BLOCKHEADS (although in my uninteresting opinion, BLOCKHEADS are definitely more interesting). Short songs, lot of good sense, politically correct lyrics in the vein of the NAPALM DEATH of “From Enslavement to Obliteration” are whet is needed to get a picture of these veterans of grinding music. Didn’t happen very often just a handful of years ago, to listen to a Grindcore band with such a careful recording.

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