OBSCENITY (Ger): “Human Barbecue” Cd 1998 Morbid


Fucking prolific as rabbits when we’re talking about releasing one CD after the other, OBSCENITY, the remaining diamond head in Morbid stables, gets back in the tracking ground with some rather classic Death Metal, which can’t neither been despised nor praised in awe. Deep, grunting brutal vocals and a clean churning guitar work grants them a fair, deserved sufficiency in my publication. Not that I was expecting something different from them after all. From an honest perspective, I have respect for this work although it still lacks some dose of raw intensity to let them surpass the line of memorable music. This is one of those CDs you can readily show your friends with a plastic smile and put up when they ask you what is Death Metal. As far as they stay sincere, it’s fair for me.

Vote: 6.8

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