OCTINOMOS (Swe): “Welcome to My planet” Cd 2000 Hammerheart


Mass destruction and world obliteration by nuclear means is what this CD is about. Whatever the fuck, this is a great Black Metal CD. Nihilistic and cold, fast and with good riffs. Not very complex nor very filthy but yet to be a solo project is not bad at all, especially considering it’s Black metal and it’s from Scandinavia (of late this association is as interesting as Malayan Pop Rock). The guy behind the band is also behind PARNASSUS another one of my few privileged Blackish bands. Somewhat of a mystery remains to understand why if these persons are so hating of everything, they continue to express themselves through music. I think if you hate everybody you don’t really need to communicate with anybody but yourself. And if you really hate yourself as well you should probably have committed suicide a few months ago. Seems much of a poser thing to me but what the hell. The CD is good, fast and well played.

Vote: 6.4

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