OLD MAN’S CHILD (Nor): “In the Shades of Life” split Cd with DIMMU BORGIR (Nor) 1999 Hammeheart


Before Hammerheart sent me this CD, I had not listened to OLD MAN’S CHILD. Which is a pity because when I thought DIMMU were very bad, this band reaches levels of impersonality and sold out dignity I couldn’t believe possible. They use the keyboards the way EUROPE did in the 80’s, and fall into Flamenco like pizzicato guitar work from time to time… and they want to sell you this crap for evil or depressive… Sometimes I am speechless towards the mannequins that buy this music. I hope I can forget this soon but I know I would have to bear them for a long time still. Where did I put my copy of “Fallen Angel of Doom”?

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