OPPRESSOR (USA/Il): “Elements of Corrosion” Cd 1999 Serious Entertainment


Already dead from quite some time, (this is one of the bad things when delaying this much the release of a fanzine) OPPRESSOR didn’t manage to raise my head ever since the good “Solstice of Oppression” CD at the beginning of their career. Portrayed as a intense technical death metal band, their clean, crisp approach to deliciously methodological Floridian Death Metal has always hurt my eyes of AUTOPSY/IMPETIGO-like Death Metal fan like sharp light to a mole eyes. Some swirling twist in the vein of new GORGUTS/DYING FETUS help to add variety to this American Death Metal album. I grant em even the good solos, and I am even able to tolerate the barking vocals as they somewhat remind me (very fairy) of the new killer DIABOLIC singer. Though not the most original of the long queue of American bands the likes of BRUTALITY, OPPRESSOR had the passion for their own instrument pretty clear in their music. Well played old school Florida Death Metal although gets a bit repetitive on the long run. Lacks some filth but it’s OK.

Vote: 7

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