PENTACLE (Hol): “Ancient Death” Cd 2001 Damnation


To call this CD a full length would have been inaccurate as
2 out of 6 tunes are covers and the whole running time is barely
27 minutes (Yeah I know “Reign in Blood” was barely
longer but fuck, that’s another band). Vocals here are a bit raspier
than on “…Rides the Moonstorm” kinda remind me
of old MORGOTH although the band itself makes it clear in the
booklet that this CD doesn’t have to be compared to their previous
work ‘couse it represents the band’s new spirit. Actually they
continued in the old-school Death vein (they definitely show it
ever since the title, but this time I am getting a bit saturated
of these bands, as I am sure on stage they aren’t able to keep
up with the fastest and heavier bands we got today (should I mention
ANGELCORPSE (RIP), KRISIUN and NILE now?) they would be pulverized.
Yet the sheer impact is probably not in their priorities as they
wants to keep it on the denim, the leather and the spikes, so
well, they still do it better than almost anybody else. DEATH
and MANTAS covers (MANTAS were pre-DEATH of course) are done great.
I have exhumed those demos from my collection and gave em a listen
right before hearing these and they’re really similar, even in
spirit so that’s the good part and well, another brick to their
image. K.K. Warslut from DESTROYER 666 is host in the latest song
“Walking Upon Damnation’s Land”.

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