PESSIMIST (USA/Md): “Blood for the Gods” Cd 1999 Lost Disciple


PESSIMIST is a really complete band, under every aspect, even if they have not a single stand out peculiarity like the Egyptian imprint of NILE or the absolute skill and velocity of KRISIUN, they play classic, untamed Death Metal with a class and a pride few could challenge. The songs are clean, well structured purely Death metal like MORBID ANGEL or VITAL REMAINS, never blazingly fast but enriched by elegant, intricate, melodic solos. Lyrics deal also with terror and classical Death Metal topics, articulated in deep grunts and backing, high pitched screams. I like the band in the overall, Death Metal to the bone, evil, talented, professional, with that intergity that I can’t but admire, this is the ort of band who does not give up, wich they were releasing their first shit back in 88 or so to see what the labels would have said. Despite all the skill, the lack of a peculiarity might be a deterrent for some, while if you like Death metal in its purest essence, this is better then yur average VITAL REMAINS or DEICIDE record. Wich more bands played like this… ah two lyrics in particular are pointed out,in the booklet, “Tunnel Rats” is dedicated to the youth died in Viet-Nam in the 70’s, while “Wretched of the Earth” is a lyric taken wholly out of the bible… eheh cool.

Vote: 7.5

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