PIG DESTROYER(USA/Va): “38 Counts of Battery” Cd 2000 Relapse


Big, damn bastard Grind Core from USA, this is a collection of old PIG DESTROYER material, including the “Explosions in Ward 6″ CD, a split 7” with ISIS, a cover compilation, a split EP with ORCHID and the demo. PIG DESTROYER play very good, ultra-violent uncontrolled grind core with the top of the lungs screamed vocals and the typical short length of songs (30 seconds in average). They could easily be sone old school hard core band gone crazy with acid or double in speed, the music is more complex than the usual old school grind tho, more of that dissonant piercing sound of what somebody called Powerviolence. Damn essential, short-temprered, schizoid grind, fits well the Rekapse style, and like the label denands, great cover… as the Cd continues to rage and spew forth tracks, the vocals themselves gets more varied, with grunts and shifts in tune,.the last 9 tracks from the demotape are even more totally crazy grind, bordering on noise, fast furious, mincing …

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