PROFANATICA (USA/Ny): “Weeping In Heaven” split 7″ with IMPIETY (Sgp) Ep 1999 Samhain


When somebody asks me about Black Metal, they usually figure the circus of ludicrous, laughable Norwegian bands suck as MAYHEM and EMPEROR and the mile

spanning wagon of trend they brought behind them. Somewhat those bands pretended to be chilling, frightening, they even ended up pretending to be the only

ones able to play Black metal. Despite the meaning Black Metal might have developed along the years, the best Black Metal bands ever didn’t come from

Scandinavia at all. Much like Australian and Americans are showing that we Europeans are not able to be fierce and blasphemous as much as they are able to

(name me one, just one band that could compare to BESTIAL WARLUST or SADISTIK EXECUTION from Europe…). Me, a Death Metal and Gore Grind elitist, declare to

love Black Metal to the very essence of it. But if you ask me to trace its roots back I’d surely not name DARK THRONE’s “A blaze in the Northern Sky” (though

excellent material for sure, unquestionably the best they ever created), but rather some SODOM, SARCOFAGO, IMPIETY or PROFANATICA. Paul Ledney, the mind

behind PROFANATICA (which was also the man who baptized INCANTATION) and HAVOEJ, gave birth to among the most obscene and immoral bands in the world.

Cornering legendary shows then they smeared the bible with sperm and burned the holy icon of Mary to a crisp, their music was so fucking lacerating, so damn

obscene to cuddle your skin like rancid milk. While DARK THRONE were supposed to be “The Fist in the face of god”, PROFANATICA shitted in its mouth, covered

it in a nightdress of piss and cum and mocked his creation with every song. Kids, I just wished you had found a different name than Black Metal to describe

your child’s play. Anyway, there are three significant songs on this side, One taken from a rehearsal from 1991, and two from the demo ’92. Sound is rough

and crispy and perfectly fits the mood of the band. Spine chilling Black of the finest sort.

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