PROPHECY OF DOOM (Eng):”Calculated Mind Rape” 7″ Ep 1989 Prophecy


I think you seldom hear a band like this… they’re damn fucking weird. The vocals are the strangest spot, they seem as if they have been recorded 20 times on the same track.. a weird overlapping effect which sounds like maddning.. there is this echoing/filtered/harmonized effect which remind me a bit of PAN-THY-MONIUM or the DISMEMBER of “Defective Decay”, but everything crosses within a chaotic frenzy of instruments, the pace is not hyper fast, on the contrary it’s quite mid tempo, but I would conisder this band “grindcore” in the broadest sense… absolutely experimental, with some bass slapping, pop intermezzos, spoken and hysteric vocals and these unhuman inimitable vocals which really sound perverse… PROPHECY OF DOOM belong to the first flowering of English grindcore, active in the same years of NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS and MALEDICTION. A classic release.

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