PSYCROPTIC (Aus): “The Isle of Disenchantment” Cd 2001 s/p


There’s something different in Australian music, be it Black or Death, though not always a clear cut one. PSYCROPTIC is an excellent band who could summarily be defined as Death Metal, with crude, deep throated grunts and some spit-out-of-the larynx shifts for double vocal effect. The riffs are never banal and well conceived as could have been LOUDBLAST some time ago, clear cut and lacking some filth but yet I can’t find the power metal influence which is declared in their bio leaflet (whew). While definitely Metal and Death the music escapes a really definite comparison, seems as this music has a completely different concept on the other part of the planet.Musically the sound in this CD is absolutely crisp especially if you consdier this is their first release ever, originally meant to be a demotape, in the end took the form of a full length disc, with full color package and a definite pro-look, all self made. There are almost grinding parts and heavy accelerations, a neat structure and not much time to yawn at at some boring fakely poweful American slam. Good, high level Death Metal with elements which space right across the genres (including a tinge of melodic here and there) yet with a definite accurate arrangement, right out of rather young musicians (20 year on the average) . Good if not unearthly material. Lyrically the whole CD is a trip through reigns and kingdoms far beyond space, across vast seas into isles or beneath the ground, like a long quest to explore one’s own emotiuons.

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