PURULENT SPERMCANAL (Cze): “Puaka Balava” Cd 1997 Leviathan


There’s something so dark, slow and muddy in this CD that could vaguely be connected to the CARNAGE “Dark Recollections” in sheer mood. All resemblances stop with the mere sound however as this is no Death Metal at all. Talking back about the sound it is so grubby and sticky it almost seem some delay effect has been spattered all over the disc, kinda DEAD INFECTION in a marmalade barrel, rarely they accelerate to more classic goregrind and then they never reach totally blazing accelerations, as if they somewhat trunacte all chances to free their bloody perversion before it climaxes. The vocals are inhumanly guttural and follow the doomy flow of the rest of the music with a definite goregrind feel. Almost all of the tracks have some porn/beating/horror intro of some sort which is definitely enjoyable and help get into the grim reality of this music. There is also some sort of videogame jingle among some songs such as “Dying With Vaginal Bleeding”, puking samples and old horror music.

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