REBAELLIUN (Bra): “Burn the Promised Land” Cd 2000 Hammerheart


Until I managed to see this band live, I couldn’t really imagine a drummer to be faster than KRISIUN’s, or VADER’s. But then I saw them play before VADER and believe me, they’ve been swept away like dead flies from a table. REBAELLIUN have such a fast, absolutely true to the core Death Metal approach they’re absolutely admirable. Much in the vein of KRISIUN (hell men, sorry but you can’t avoid this comparison), REBAELLIUN try to escape this association with some more various songs or experiments here and there with mid tempos and slow songs which in a way would never fit KRISIUN. But when these bastards light up their engines, they blaze forth with an unrelenting, pounding approach that could hammer through a barricade of tanks like hot blade through butter. I am in vein of comparisons today, I think I can say when they like to do the blasting thing, they are the MARDUK of Death Fucking Metal. Long live to the young Brazilian Death Metal madness. Long live to this new brand of fierce legions of war.

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