REGURGITATE (Swe): “Emanating Darkness” split Cd with DEAD 1994 Poserslaughter


Essential, filthy sound with almost no hearable mixing and strongly
sex-obsessed gore lyrics define this REGURGITATE release. Not
as grinding as the previous stuff, nor the latter on Relapse,
I had a bad time comparing this to “Effortless regurgitation
of bright reb blood” (the one on Lowland, I have’nt heard
the one reprinted by Relapse but I assume it has just a better
sound). In a way, I refuse to call this Gore/grind as it’s basically
filthy and fast Death Metal with vocals this time devoid of filters.
Sometimes they get chaotic but when the riffs start calling a
Grindcore blast, the slightly distorted guitars do not succeed
in bringing in the tense, dense, intense grind one could expect.
Yet in a way the songs seem like they have been written to tribute
the grrovish sickness of DEAD… I don’t know, their split
side is good though not at their maximum of performance (well
it fits the cover eheh).

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