SANATORIUM (Slo): “Internal Womb Cannibalism” Cd 2001 Forensick


Musically they’re good. Fundamentally a Death Metal band with no incredibly powerful riffs yet what gives the whole sound a different level is definitely the double vocals, much like INHUME as both are guttural although this time one is almost like a cross between a cricket and a frog, the other sings with the classic gore grunts. Not overly intricate and not always fast, SANATORIUM is nonetheless OK, they have that mania of putting slow chugga chigga riffs in the music which I find sometimes a bit annoying, and the riffs sometimes sound a bit of reheated soup, but all in all this is OK stuff, higher than average level for sure. Good sound blesses the CD, as does an amazing cover artwork by the genius of Zig. I think this is a CD that one can like, and I liked the band far better on stage, they are really good live actually…

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