SARCOFAGO (Bra): “Nights in Hell” Cd 2001 n/a


Gugely, blatantly bootleg, although a very cool one from one of the most ferociously thrashing act of the magical 80’s. I got this one from a friend through mysterious means but probably if you look hard enough you could get your copy as well. The sound on this live Ep is deliciously SARCOFAGO, that is, much like much of the southern-American thrash metal of the time (KORZUS, HOLOCAUSTO, VOLCANO, SEPULTURA, to name a few), very very garage. Maybe it’s just my insanity bu7t I find far more brutality and energy in stuff recorded in this way than in dozen of crystal crisp newbies who spend thousands of dollars to have the definitive sound on a promo cassette, There is nothing really much more to say. The first track is just an intro with winds and apocalyptic noises, and the last 2 tracks are covers, considering “Satanas” also appears twice, you probably have to be a SARCOFAGO fan to swallow this. It’s especially cool to hear the crowd roaring below these 4 to 5 riff songs, and hearing the spoken indtros and the Araya-angel-of-death-era screams to introduce the songs. Very garage, very rough, very fucking intense, but only for aficionados.Ah, this is not a CDR, it’s a relatively pro-release…

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