SCAPEGRACE (USA): “The Ones who fall off the Face of the Earth…” 7″ Ep 1994 Luddite


One aspect of my perverted tastes people often miss out, is that I like Hard Core, at least I like old school hard core one million times better than heavy metal, which I loathe, be it clear. SCAPEGRACE is a good Hate Core band, halfway between the old school and the new one, with a rather basic guitar approach, pounding slam guitars and good shrieking screams. As said before, the songs could be a little more compact but I think when you play this music this is not the most fundamental of things, as it’s in point of fact what differentiate the band from 90% of the modern metallish new school hardcore. Lyrics are good sense, whereas rather cryptic, and the overall layout is brilliant. This EP is rather old but I think the band has released so far only another split EP with CONNIPTION.

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