SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS (Rus): “Catacomb Abattoir” Cd 1998 Relics


This band is unknown to me ; they come from cold Russia and together with their mates Abosranie Bogom ( porngoregrind coprophagist shit-addicted ) demonstrates how extreme death metal is growing-up in this land , even though , there are many economics problems . They play usual U.S. brutal-death , simple to listen and full of gore lyrics . But the main problem is that they completely lack in originality , cause , “Catacomb abttoir” is the perfect mix of old Suffocation/ Dying Fetus/ Pyrexia masterpieces . However they shows us good skills ability and a ferox attitude, so , the songs are quite nice and absolutely never boring. Drums isn’t very complex , but well arranged ; guitar sound is pretty interesting and vocals are common deep growls. Give’em a chance , I’m sure next time they’ll improve their originality !

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