SEVERE TORTURE (Hol): “Baptized in Vaginal Liquid” tape 1999 s/p [demo]


Who oh! Whan I heard that this band featured members of CENTURIAN I was pretty thrilled to heed their arte. Contrary to my expectations, this band prove themselves to be a square foot beneath CENTURIAN’s uncontrollable severity. Sure, the band is fucking brutal, and the vocals deep and guttural, and the whole sound sounds far more American, but even if that’s more than enough to gain a fully deserved vote, that fails to keep the level I was expecting from a band supposed to be even more cruel than CENTURIAN. Well cornering these considerations, this is an good demo band though completely forgettable. Riffs are fast and drumming frenetic, and the whole demo spews a perverse way to express Death Metal in a very classic but a bit predictable manner.

Vote: 7

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