SEVERE TORTURE (Hol): “Feasting on Blood” Cd 2000 The Plague


The vocals in this disc strike, they’re inhuman. Guttural gargles that seems like a pork emitting despairingly its last gasps for life. Grunting growls that right follow SEVERE TORTURE’s tight, concentrate songs, with dozens of no-nonsense pounding riffs and fast, varied drumming. They’re maybe the fastest deep grumbling band that still keep this kind of intensity. One can easily mistake them for Americans as some of the bridges are definitely SUFFOCATION like, like when they arrest the flowing with stop and go parts and the drummer starts swirling through the brass and skins, and the singer tortures his throat. The band is 100% Bowel Metal, with a savage flesh ripping rage that comes right out of the stomach. Heaps of bones, livers, viscera, sawed limbs and a gnarled muscled brute feasting on it appear on the cover and explains it fucking all the bands wants. Blood. Yours preferably.

Vote: 8.2

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