SHUB NIGGURATH (Mex): “The Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon on Earth)” Cd 1997 Oz


Technically refined from the previous full-length, yet always a vorticating storm of steel and leather, SHUB-NIGGURATH’s Final Aeon Cd really struck me at a first listen: It has all the primitive Death Metal energy of VITAL REMAINS’s “Excruvciating Pain” and MORBID ANGEL’s “Altars of Madness” concocted with typical southern states ferocity. The Deqath Metal brought forth by SHUB-NIGGURATH is great for many reasons: it’s untainted by trends, it’s genuine, thrashing and sublime in pure headbanging force, just like older bands in that little transaction between Thrash and Death in the late 80’s, everything reinforced by some atmospheric keyboards (do not get me wrong, these keyboards are mmade to reinforce the idea of open universes, and unfathomable gods of the stars…. faithful to their name, SHUB-NIGGURATHs lyrics and concept beneath the album brings you in the final years of humanity when the Ancients of Lovecraft mithoi get back to Earth for their blasphemous destruction. There is an introduction in the booklet although since obviously inspired by the moment, is a bit confused as well, but I think I got the overall concept. The music is very brutal, crammed with fucking fast parts and twisted riffs, though forget any late American SUFFO clones, this music is different, higher, and definitely more (agh I hate the name… ) “Metallic”, it rages and bangs like a beast. Contrarily to many modern acts, each of these songs seem very studied and structured, almost 5 minutes each in length, with a fucking string identity, combining pieces of magical arts and thrashing death rage. Killer stuff, but mainly for those who prefers older stuff.

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