SKINLESS (USA/Ny): “Foreshadowing our Demise” Cd 2001 Relapse


This SKINLESS album is incredible, it’s right like having a 50 ton MK1 Abraham tank splintering your ribcage, levelling your entrails and fucking your face with its cannon, the previous one was great but this time it’s like having a match with Tyson on adrenaline knowing you fucked his wife. As compressed and packed as MESSHUGGAH yet with a definite Death Metal soul. Guttural vocals? no wait I think the vocals alone need a better explanation: they’re more of a BROKEN HOPE imprint than old CANNIBAL CORPSE as they’re definitely right out of the throat yet while irrevocably swine, clear cut and dense as the rest of the music. And contrary to many slamming bands, they have a flow which can only be compared to IMPALED or EXHUMED (though it’s just an artifice to explain the music better, no other resemblance I find to those bands). The music flows and kicks you above the ground for 41 fucking minutes of breathtaking intensity. They have a groove beneath all this concreteness which I really can’t identify with precision yet it sucks you in. Pounding, banging Death metal of rarely heard intensity, these bastards have a fragmentation bomb sandwiched between every fucking riff. They get slow and they’re heavy, they get fast, and they’re still heavy. U n I q u e . Packaging follows the first release, same tones of dim white on black with red logo on the left, I think you can mistake the two from a distance, The cover and inner artwork are details of a fake skeleton miniature with a gas mask in a warlike after the war plastic model, which is in tune with the whole release. Like the bands says in the inner sleeve, some of the lyrics are written with the main purpose to entertain and they tell never to take every thing too seriously. Get a beer, enjoy this fucking Death Metal, and go after some pussy. Ah!

Vote: 8.8

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