SOULLESS (USA/Oh): “The Darkening of Days” Cd 1999 s/p


One of the most unnerving things that hits you immediately in this CD is the vocals, they are so shrill they pierce your nerves, sort of very bad copy of latest DEATH (such as in “Sound of Perseverance”, an album I’d like to forget). Musically, it’s much in the vein of latest melodic Swedish Death bands, the Gotheburg way, such as a very bad copy of first IN FLAMES /DARK TRANQUILLITY / AT THE GATES… but much worse, just don’t catch. There are constant melodies all through the disc, that flow in the background of this shrilling vocals and slightly more-than-averagely-low-tuned guitars, which definitely bring you back to the period of transition when melody was still in embryo within otherwise interesting Death Metal in Sweden. If being not Scandinavian, they could not geentically be able to greate great songs like EUCHARIST, NECROPHOBIC or AT THE GATES I don’t know, but considering that I see this genre with much suspicion, that the vocals are incredibly bad, and the music banal, I would definitely consider giving away this CD for free…. the band features former members of DECREPIT and DECIMATION and at the beginning of their career in 97 was called BLOODSICK (also a split 7″ with NUNSLAUGHTER was released), the wimpish Swedish turn was taken soon after members of APT 213 joined tha band changing the sound altogether which, considering the results…

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