SQUASH BOWELS (Pol): “Tnyribal” Cd 1999 Obscene


My favourite Polish band is back with an absolutely blasting attack of violent grind gore, as intense as very few bands could manage while maintaining a definite structure, a forceful, clean wall of sound and yet still Grindcore to the bone. Although this kind of high level, no filth grind could be sometimes despised for its lack of crude barbarity by crust core purists, SQUASH BOWELS demonstrate they could be exactly as dirty and explicit as any garage Grind act, succeeding at the same time in beneficing by an excellent production. Perverse, chaotic and forceful SQUASH BOWELS stand in the rusty red heaven of Modern grind with INHUME, CEPHALIC CARNAGE or the latest REGURGITATE. The arrangements are precise, heavily studied and absolutely brilliant. Top notch Gore Grind if not THE top notch gore grind band today, no kidding. Killer.

Vote: 8.7

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