THE BLOODY VICE (Aus): “5 minutes and 17 seconds of…” split 7″ with CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN (Jap) 2000 The Spew


Hmm.. is this a revival tribute or what? The seventies push and kick through this definitely Punk wax in a very ehm… undefined way… I am not sure if I start to see a sense in these songs but its more about noise/experimentation that concrete Death Grind. They have a very palpable punk/rock/noise thread thorough them which I suppose mark them as the new era in extreme music right? A band that should be signed on Relapse because they’re damn discordant and “smoking grind” right? Well maybe I am too much conservative but if I need that kind of sensations, I’d prefer some good new school NUCLEAR DEATH to create a soundscape for my schizophrenias.
The Bloody Vice: P.O.Box 2036, Woden, ACT, 2606, Australia.

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