THE BOWEL STEW (Ita): “Infernal Mass Grave” Cdr 2001 s/p [demo]


I must admit sometimes I can be a very nasty ass. When I received this promo and read in the bio which came attached that this band featured ex MONOLITH members, my hopes were rather low before actually listening to it. I really didn’t get excited with their demo, which sounded much more average, sloppy teenage Death Metal than overly Brutal Grindcore as they stated. Now with the name change (maybe a tribute to the band BAPHOMET?) also came a welcome turn in their music. In other words, the band finally found the right spirit and plunged into the pulsating core of Death/Grind. While still solidly toed to the Metal sound and generically mid-tempo (and vaguely MORBID ANGELesque sometimes…) the band now has developed a double vocal approach (obviously the guttural one and the higher pitched, yet phlegmy, other), and actually got gorier both in instrument tuning and lyrics. They tend to accellerate towards the end of the songs although they still lack some tightness, especially the drum bases aren’t the most serrated I have ever heard, and seems to lack the ferocity and blasting of more renown grind/gore acts. Intros are taken from the movies “Hellraiser”, “The Exorcist” and “Full Metal Jacket”. if you like the band, also check em out on the Obscene tribute to REGURGITATE where they cover the classic “The Pulsating Feast”. Good luck.

Vote: 5.9

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