THERION (Swe): “Crowning of Atlantis” Cd 1999 Nuclear Blast


Apart from playing one of the worst covers of MANOWAR’s “Thor” (the connection between THERION and epic, proud stuff escapes me at the moment), THERION lazily resides in a half Hard Rock/half Heavy Metal limbo which might recall a bit of JUDAS PRIEST. Damn don’t ask me to review this in detail, I really can’t stand this music. Obviously much worse than JUDAS (they have no intertwined solos to entertain you in the moments of discomfort) and with some vaguely Arabic feel, they have definitely abandoned the ecological motivations they had when they were still somewhat Death Metal. As far as my memory doesn’t betray me Matti from DISMEMBER did even sing with them in their demo. Oh yes, I’ll better put that one on than listening all through this until the end.

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