THORAZINE (Can): “Seed the Black Sky” Cd 1999 Injected


A rather interesting band from Canada who has succeeded in eluding my attention for a while, damn. The sound is maybe not the favorite of mine (the drums are a bit of “slappers” in sound) but the music is intestinely good, shrilling vocals and a bit barfing/guttural ones over well structured Death Metal, not like any big American act… the song structures are sometimes actually more of old-school thrash metal although that doesn’t remark badly on the whole brutality, at times the songs fall to the deceptive fascination of some melodic riffs (hear the first few seconds of “Rapid Desecration”) but the good point is the songs are so varied you can never really identify or label them, they also know how to play fast I don’t know… it’s anything definite although I am not even able to get completely excited, lacks a bit of a clear identity… oh well I guess they’re OK after all, just fix the drum sounds. The last track sounds like the 7th one but played backward at double speed… oh well..

Vote: 7

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