TOM ANGELRIPPER (Ger): “Das Blaueste Album der Welt” Cd 1999 G.U.N.


It’s saturday night. Your work has been done, and your head is free of troubles. You have that case of cold beer with you, and one shining bottle of whisky on the seat near to the driver’s. What Cd would you even think of putting on but this before a deserved alchoholic night? Tom Angelripper is THE genius, the Lemmy of Thrash Metal., and this music is the essence itself of alcoholic Auphoria. To me, it’s even more, I feel this music boiling in my veins every time I put it on, and all of a sudden, i find this insatiable thirst. This is a collection of Uncle Tom’s best tracks, so if you don’t know the project already, this might be the best of choices.Only bad thing in this SUPREME Cd is that, like all of Gun’s releases, the booklet is just a promotional flyer, and the infos are really laughable. Other than that, this is the Ultimate Drinking Musick. Prosit.

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