TRAUMA (Pol): “Suffocated in Slumber” Cd 2000 Pagan


Compared to “Daimonion”, a moderately warm release, this second CD on Pagan surpasses any expectations I had. Actually the music could be considered to be what OPPRESSOR have always tried to do: technical, crystal clear, intricate Death Metal played with flawless, excellent musicianship. Actually OPPRESSOR never really made it, as a mediocre vocalist and music which goes repetitive on the long run, have never got into my top ten. But this release has the “shining” in it, it has what most of overly technical bands forget: soul. This band is 3 times more complex than MALEVOLENT CREATION while keeping that fast, the DEATH of “Human” spring to mind in a purely scholarly view. The production would maybe be a bit too plastered if the band was different, but this intricacy of riffs, solos and pervasive drum beats only surface in its completeness with such a production. Sometimes skill is paired with class and TRAUMA, now and I repeat, NOW, have reached the right balance of elements, after over 15 years of practice, and the music itself shows it.

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