TWILIGHT OPHERA (Fin): “Midnight Horror” Cd 1999 Cacophonous


Bathed in the dim, artificial lights of its monitor in his crammed room, Michele moved his left hand towards the pile of cardboard sleeved CDs left to complete for review. Tired and with horrible black eyelids he gave a stare at yet another CD. Then he saw them. The vampire dressed in black. The black cat. The black wings in the back of the chick. The name of the band. Twilight AND Opera. The title of the CD: “Midnight Horror”. Michele sighed in distress. He had mixed feelings of nausea and resignation. With a long breath he slide the disc in the DVD player in his puter and starts to hear what he already imagined. Cacophonous have some brilliant bands, such as EBONY LAKE or SIGH. But then they appear to have a obsession for orchestral Metal. Unluckily, sometimes things go smooth, some other times, there are flops. And TWILIGHT OPERA is one of those. The delicate mechanism of engines and tires which create an interesting experiment fails from the very second this CD begins. Banal. With lots of keyboards and among the worst vocals ever, Michele felt he couldn’t bear this for much more. After a shirt piss and washing his face, he got back to his room, and uncaringly piled it among the other DIMMU BORGIR mediocrities.

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