UTOPIE (Ger): “Instinct for Existence” Cd 1999 Bizarre Leprous/Disgorgement of Squash Bodies


I live each Bizarre Leprous release as a pleasant event , because this Czech label is completely devoted to the most putrid goregrind around . Now it?s time for German?s Utopie .
I?ve never heard this combo before , but , ..ouch?, they play uncompromising , raw , and guttural porn goregrind in the excellent Dutch way ( Gut/ Dead / Mucupurulent/ Cock & Ball Torture above all ) .
They combine typical brutal-death mid-tempos , breaks ,and more fast parts . Lowtuned guitars procreates tons of riffs well structured ; but the main thing , is the 2 types vocals opposition (one extremely guttural as a T-rex with intestinal pains , the other , a sort of more shouted growling ) which creates a morbid atmosphere . Lyrics are completely involved in porngore perversions or human health-care as showed in ?stop viagra , smoke pot? or ?short erection? ( which will surely delight your girlfriend ) .
Definitively a must for your collection !

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