VIRUS (Aus): “Bottled Babies” Cd 2000 s/p

VIRUS (Aus):

Heavily downtuned Goregrind from Australia, VIRUS is a one-man project from the puke filled skull of Ian Degrussa, the disc came to me as CDR and with a ink-printed cover but I don’t know if the format was becouse of the promo or if there is a more “pro” version. Anyway, the eight tracks are basically very guttural grindcore/goregrind with the main theme of dead feti and shredded infants, sometimes the grind slows down in motion and leaves a unrelenting sluggish gargle pairing with guitars that sound like some kind of broken machinery. First track is some harmonized vocals intro so don’t really cound on the total running time. Vocals obviously are completely uncomprehensible so the lack of lyrics and song titles actually isn’t anything too tragic. Good shit anyway from Australia, damn, aither outragously violent Black Metal or bands like this or VISCERA and DECOMPOSING SERENITY. Prepare a seat on the airplane thanks.

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