VISCERAL BLEEDING (Swe): “Internal Decomposition” Cdr 2001 s/p


There is a wing in the dragon shaped Scandinavian peninsula who strives to separate itself from the cliches of either old school (GRAVE era) and modern school (*spit*, IN FLAMES era) Swedish Death Metal, promptly looking for the clichŠs of American Death Metal. Headstrongly backed by acts such as SOILS OF FATE in primis (for a strictly chronlogical reasons at least) and then with IMMERSED IN BLOOD, BUTCHERY and now VISCERAL BLEEDING, this is a wing who vehemently follows the crushing, heavy moshing riffage of more American styled bands. Bass saturated, technical and with full, gurgling vocals, this band just don’t remind me only of CANNIBAL (they’re faster), SUFFOCATION (they’re less contorted) or DYING FETUS (less varied) as I read around. If we need any referrals (and it’s something I overdo sometimes eheh) I can say EUPHORIC EVISCERATION, early SHREDDED CORPSE, REPUDILATION or most of the new brand REGURGITATION – like bands with much free drum variations which pop in USA with quite some frequence. The fact of being distant from the States helps the music stay at safe distance from overly two-step mid-tempo mosh who bores the hell out of many of these releases, but I think they could hold the stage at any Ohio Death fests with lot of consensus. I absolutely LOVE the sound of the drums here, and the overall work is so filthy I can even skip the fact they copied an AUTOPSY title (“Gasping for Air”, and it’s not a cover). Brutal shit.

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