VITAL REMAINS (USA/Ri): “Dawn of the Apocalypse” Cd 2000 Osmose


According to the booklet the CD was recorded some 1968 years ago, which means the band must have been the real founders of the genre, definitely beyond their time eheh, fuck VENOM… anyway this album is not the easiest to read, VITAL REMAINS approach to Satanism has always been somewhat a bit more articulated and this album dedicated to Anton Szandor laVey, has not precise quotes by the likes of Goethe, Goebbels, Freud… and the lyrics are thereafter inspired by such enlightening tetxtx. Aye, lyrically (and musically aehm) they’re not the grandur of ANGELCORPSE, but they do it well, straight to the point and brutal in their approach. The cover artwork is magnificent, really gives the idea of an apocalypse, and the whole interior art is ripe with Death and Diabolical themes… musically, they’re impeccable, as always. Blasting drums, contorted solos, a perfectly balanced sound for an absolutely classical blend of Death Metal, the purest form of it. Grunting vocals, good guitar riffs (note that the drummer is the one who also write the solos…), this is top notch Death Metal, with no particularities of sort, it’s just plain good and sincere, no Egyptian interludes, no experimaental tracks, just Death Metal with a diabolical, dark soul… there is actually a flamenco-ed guitar in the third track, when the music gets darker and moodier… a kind of experimentation which in VITAL REMAINS always reached, in my humble opinion, their highest results… and a 1 minute long instrumental track in the vein of MORBID ANGEL’s Blessed are the Sick, but it’s just a short interlude… A good release.

Vote: 8

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