VV.AA.: “Metal to the Metals” Cd 1999 Cd Perverted Taste


Another label-centred compilation, featuring 16 tracks by 12 different bands. 4 Death Metal bands (PURGATORY, COERCION, BRAIN DEAD, AGONY CONSCIENCE), one fun/grind/demented dand (namely BRB) and some more or less low level self called Black Metal stuff. Actually the brightest point in the comp are by SEIRIM, an excellent rude, abrasive Death/Black Metal band fast and ferocious as fuck and which I dig to the bone, and the great BRAIN DEAD and the even better Gore Brutish Death act AGONY CONSCIENCE, which sounds like some good American based Brutal Death Metal band with one of the crudest sounds around, gurgling vokills and downtuned sonorities (this band alone is worth a 9 believe me, I am already looking for their stuff). The rest of the comp is more or less canonical.

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