VV.AA. “Relapse Records Sampler Spring 1999” compilation Cd 1999 Relapse


One must be honest, when Relapse enters the fields, bringing with her the blood drenched (and pot stinking) garlands of bands such as EXHUMED, INCANTATION, NILE or MORTICIAN, there is little space for other Death Metal representatives. Yet the lions in this comp which displays a parody of SLAYER’s sword pentacle on front are the grind/core/stoner bands more than the classics above, as it was evident at the time the growing interest of the label for this aggressive yet wholly American spirited music. On the grinder part NASUM, BENUMB, REGURGITATE, while SOILENT GREEN, MINDROT, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN for the new school crazed Hard Core side. As for the uninteresting, childish, stupid stoner parts (sigh, one aspect I can’t care less of Relapse personality), MORGION are on the top with its mellowed and atmospheric music, NEBULA with its 70’s swings, BONGZILLA (such a stupid name for an equally stupid and useless band), which sounds very close to Earache’s SLEEP and NIGHTSTICK.

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