VV.AA.: “Season of Mists/Holy Records” Cd 1999 Season of Mists/Holy


Although a conceptually original for sure the idea to have a two hands approach to a compilation sampler, there is very little interesting in these bands. I had to skip the first tracks after 1 minute each because they all mostly stick to the same genre which is equally distant from metal as to Albano e Romina or QUEEN, the only ones which for some obscure reason I succeeded in bearing the whole song in the first 10 tracks is BETZAIDA, which have flute pretty dominant in the songs which I consider one of my favourite instruments ever. BLOOTHORN actually is not the worst, but they’re absolutely mediocre and despite a good backing music with some early PARADISELOST reminiscence doesn’t strike very hard. ANATA are classic, rough Death Metal, with some absolutely avoidable melodies in between, which FURIOUS TRAUMA, vaguely on the same path, cleverly avoided. I also was surprisingly pleased by ANOREXIA NERVOSA, a band who I absolutely ignored, schizoid and weird, psychopathic and with a distant new school GORGUTS feel. Of the whole CD absolutely the ones to keep in highest esteem. Worst band sceptre deservedly go to NIGHTFALL and MISANTHROPE, human shits who should be denied to breath at all.

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