VV.AA.: “Statements of Intent” Cd 1998 Wicked World


Oh well that’s a juggernout of a CD isn’t it? Never seen a compilation this long anyway, it spurts notes from every pore eheh. Well actually this CD was meant to be a show on the direction Wicked World would have taken from the beginning on, as it’s a sort of debut for the label, and probably had some sense only if you think the time it was released the label was just born. Two things escapes my reason however, first, only few of the bands contained are effectively signed on Wicked World/Earache, and second, if we want to justify it by thinking that they wanted to collect a sample of they music they were to propose, why are these soings so eterogeneus? I mean, you got the shitty thrash band THE HAUNTED (very weak late SLAYER clones) to begin with, follow up with a melodic death band, a pop/death and such as IN FLAMES, one of the worst bands I have the unluck to hear in the last few years maybe only second to SIX FEET UNDER: ARCH ENEMY (spit), then black metal, death metal, grunge, thrash… I cannot really see clearly what Wicked World intentions were at the time they thought of this comp, especially considering much of the matierial was just repressed and not a collection of rare versions…I dunno if I got the point they wanted to express but if this was really a statement of their intents in the music business, they had swayed a bit from mmy expectations. Luckily they actually released really excellent stuff (DECAPITATED above ’em all), but much of the music contained here, in this specific disc is either redundant and very easy to get, or plainly out of my tastes, and only deserving a note for the high quality digipack (very nice)

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