WITCHERY (Swe): “Dead, hot and Ready” Cd 1999 Necropolis


The kind of retro Thrash Metal band with black metal vocals that seem to provoke erections at the bastards in Necropolis. At least it seems so as they sign every band with a vaguely similar approach. Well I really can’t find anything interesting in this band. Nothing. The vocals are shrilling like those of a girlfriend who found you fucking her mother in her bed and sees you cleaning off the cum from her face with her favourite teddy bear. The guitars remind me of STRYPER and MOTLEY CRUE which have definitely more of a glam feel than thrash. To hear they’re at their 3rd CD seems like a blasphemy when bands 100 times better are still unsigned. Whatever the hell, this band has nothing to offer but faggot music.

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