WITHOUT GRIEF (Swe): “Absorbing the Ashes” Cd 1999 Serious Entertainment


The rows of Melodic Swedish Death Metal broaden again, and admittedly WITHOUT GRIEF is not one of the worst to enter them, as they have some talent in avoiding garish ride and swing riffs. Somehwat they could be compared to CENTINEX or INIQUITY, although they’re somewhat rawer at the basics of their musak. The melody is calibrated to acceptable levels and the good, aggressive vocals and sound just are there, consistent and mature. Too bad they don’t get their music at some speed or they might effectively be a good band. This way they just play in a grey dead zone, neither good nor bad, neither raw nor overcooked, if they let some of their savagery explode we might see something interesting, or if they leave it fall in slumber they might be completely lost. Something can be freed behind their music as some potential is undeniable. Let’s see how they manage it (and let’s give it a few more listens).

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