YATTERING (Pol): “Human’s Pain” tape 1998 Moonlight


Sometimes I am pleased to know I could have been a talent seeker. I got this demo through a flyer and while very few people seemed to care for them among the persons I have been in touch recently, I felt they were going to be somebody one day. The band was to sign for Relapse now, and I felt quite a satisfaction. YATTERING is frightening, A death and war machine. They have such a varied and tight drumming it’s almost hard to follow at times mixing technical tempo changes with frenzied hyperblasts that could rival MESHUGGAH in intricacy and CRYPTOPSY in speed (the drummer also replaced Docent of VADER for a while). The whole tape is inhuman, the cover artwork is great, the sound is great, the whole music is great, twisted yet pure Death Metal, violent and intense like really few I have ever heard. If these boys are gonna still grow technically we could end up with new masters no doubt. I can’t really describe them in detail but the songs a very twisted approach, though not like NECROPHAGIST, I’d say the guitars are not that swirling, everything dressed with thick grunts,. Top notch Death Metal here, which overclasses even DAMNABLE or DIES IRAE in my opinion.

Vote: 7.9

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