YATTERING (Pol): “Murder’s Concept” Cd 2000 Season of Mist


It happens very rarely that I get bored by a good Death Metal band, independently by the brutishness of the music, on the contrary I am very often sick of whining about albums “always sounding the same” and stuff (I remember of a particularily hot debate when “Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses” was just released and nobody still cared for BRUTAL TRUTH), but this time I have surprised myself, this album, it just doesn’t get on me, and for no reason. If you listen to their previous demo, you would have given ’em the world in their hands, but just like KATAKLYSM 5 years ago, they lost the twisted sickness on the road to the debut CD. I want to make it clear, this is SUPERIOR Death Metal, with all the right modules, the drumwork is exceptional, with their characteristical overuse of cymbals and double bass blasts, the sound production perfect, the riffs hyper technical, solid, constantly in change…what maybe flattens the whole a bit is the vocals… just like the latest DERANGED shows… not very like SUFFOCATION/PYREXIA/NOISM/NECROPHAGIST or VOMIT REMNANTS the band has nonetheless all the good things of these bands without sounding even fairly American…it’s difficult to describe… tight as fuck song structures, constant tempo changes, big sound, yet absolutely eastern European… if you happen into it, try it, it has all the right things in the right place, although I tend to get sleepy in the long run…

Vote: 6.9

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