ABSCESS (USA/Ca): “Tormented” Cd 2000 Listenable


At times, it happe4ns to listen to an album and love it from the very second you hear the first track. Sometimes, like this, you realize you have in your hands a complete masterpiece. It’s still ABSCESS but its not the old ABSCESS, this time there’s something different, perverted in their music, there’s the depraved obscurity of abysmal bad taste that seemed to lack in ABSCESS when compared to AUTOPSY. I can’t describe exactly what I feel while listening to this album but it’s a mix of different emotions, my hands tremble in rapture, my mind floats to those rotting landscapes where only AUTOPSY allowed me to flee, wastelands of disease and sickness. AUTOPSY had class, maybe they’ve been among the 3 most influential bands ever in the history of music (yeah I said it and I confirm), a sort of primeval bad taste which inspired the whole Death metal scene but have never been acknowledged in the right way. And that feeling, that legendary spirit still transpires into every second of this delicious bliss that is “Tormented”. The AUTOPSY magic is back in this music, though leaving ABSCESS their own identity. Crusty, phlegmy and slimy, this is one of those trophies to never be forgotten.

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