ANAL TORTURE (Bel): “Shit Pifter” Cd 2000 Nocturnal


There is one thing that really doens?t convince me 100% in this recording and that?s the vocals. I mean, not always, just when they get hysterical, they sound more like those new school hard core bands of a few years ago, the ones that liked to weep on stage (like TIMEBOMB or SPAWN). Other than that the songs themselves are rather compact, the guitar sound is fucking great and hugely distorted, the grind parts totally manic and contain a good amount crusty groove. Every song stops abruptly as if the tracks were wrongly cut in studio, which adds to the genrally insane feeling of the album. ANAL TORTURE plays Death Grind, or better yet some sort of schizoid grindcore with Death Metal sounds and vocals which is rather cool. Gets a bit repetitive with time despite the seemingly random arrangements, but I don?t think it?s a huge gap. More or less the Cd is just a burst of humourism and madness, with songs like Straight Outta Borecote (sounds like a BLOOD DUSTER album), The Texas Dildo Masquerade (guess a movie with a similarly sounding name) or the deranged Pisskas.
The Cd opens with a plagiarism of CARCASS? ?Genital Grinder? but I consider it as a tribute (like GRUESOME STUFF RELISH?s) even if it gets different after a few seconds. This Cd is supposed to contain the debut stuff from the band so for an intro it?s more than simply Ok. Ah great packaging, great packaging.
Last Note: Before putting the Cd aside I noticed the intro is called Genital/Anal grinder, eheh, once again I won.

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