ATRAX MORGUE feat. MORDER MACHINE (Ita): “DeathShow” Cd 1998 Slaughter


Slooww, suicidal noise. Imagine a distorted bass picking an E note that drags forever, now add loops to this, loops of whispers that have a strict harmonizer effect, sampled moans of agony, and a droning percussion consisting of one single beat that vibrates as if it was a hammer against a huge membrane of black rubber. Now imagine that sometimes all that gets misplaced, overlaps, fills the sound of sheer noise, just to districate and end up in a single beat, hammering like a nail in the skull, over and over. Now add variations, a huge lanscape of obscure, life draining, heavy electronics, grating sounds, samples that avoids every human reference like a rabid dog. Noises that pierce and make your skin bleed like a million of tiny needles. The you?ll get what this ?DeathShow? is about. There is quite some free space for every single sound to be distinguished, unlike more strictly noise acts like TERROR ORGAN or NAPALMED. The sound has several rather long, deep breaths necessary to inhale the complete madness that transpires from such dehumanized music. I basically consider drugs as stupid leisure for kids, mongolids and commies, but it might be quite interesting to experiment this stuff with some purple mushrooms. Beware, there are no vocals, bass or any other stricly ?rock? instrument in here.

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