AVENGER (Cze): “Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy” Cd 2002 Deathgasm


While the idea of writing/playing black metal in Czech was indeed interesting (while it would not have been the first attempt at such lyric trialing), I must admit I am not paralyzed by AVENGER?s identity or originality. For sure they have quite some variety musicwise, with the right flow of semi-epic technical parts and monochord hyper-fast riffs, but yet they don?t really thrill me, wish they had even some vague feel of darkness, chill, pain in their music, instead of this constant floating in mid tempo changes. I guess the last BEHEMOTH tried to be of some influence here, with the half speed cymbal playing, the hurried pace that never bursts, and with these screeching vocals which could be right out of a vulture, the main mistake of a band like this is lacking completely of any kind of feel. I have listened two times at this Cd, so uninterested I have completed a miniature galleon in the meantime. Not bad nor good, just a loooong streak of dullness.

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