AXIS OF ADVANCE (Can): “Strike” Cd 2001 Death to Mankind


Holy Shit. This Cd is a severe full-blast all the fucking time. I heard AXIS OF ADVANCE only by name until last week but only now I recognize how damn good they are. We could kinda call them by the very broad terms of Death Metal or Black Metal but the truth they?re not exactly neither of the two. They possess all the martial pride of ORDER FROM CHAOS and BOLT-THROWER yet sounding 100% original. Obsessed by war and sci-fi thematics (as you can glimpse from the futhark runes, pics of nuclear explosions and war maps scattered in the booklet, or the curious lyrics that could bebroadly summed up in NOCTURNUS meets BOLT-THROWER), AOA manage to go all through impossible speeds a drum beating that can put MALEVOLENT CREATION to shame, and a second later fall in a epic, evocative remembrance which is slightly reminiscent of Hate Core bands like BOUND FOR GLORY. It?s is difficult to describe how complete, intricate and accurate all the arrangements are, synchronized with the bursts of anger and reflective moments in the lyrics, which is just a single story developing in seven chapters. Samples and experimentation are not used sparingly, AOA sounds like a band that isn?t really scared to use what is needed, yet without sounding too orchestral (on sheer architectural complexity we can call NILE to arms.) On the production, you can?t have negative comments, either, it?s really neat and gives the drums the dry, military feel it needs. I took some time reading the lyrics, too and I suggest you to eventually check the out too, they?re quite interesting and a bit ?theological? as well.

Vote: 7.5

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