BEHERIT (Fin): “Live Joensu 8.2.1992” Cd 2000 Hammer Hell 666


This a sort of cryptic release, by a label unheard of and whose address doesn?t appear anywhere (could be from Italy, like Satanic records, as far as I know) and which nobody knows or have any informations about.
In any case it?s a 20 minute long live which contains a show our beloved band played in 1992 in Finland, the sound is not perfect but it?s not so distant from ?The Oath of Black Blood? either, I guess production is not a big factor when you listen to BEHERIT, is it? Considering there?s quite a lot of fans of the bands popping out lately, and a good score of material too, I guess it could have been made much, much better, maybe with a booklet with some pics instead of a miserable black sheet, maybe with some more songs (it?s 20 minutes dammit), or with some video clips as bonus. I am a quite big freak of the band but even if I understand the label wants this release to look as evil and minimalistic as possible it?s still a bit too bare to justify something more than sheer collector lust. Besides the constant chattering of the crowd the songs are cool to hear anyway, all of the 6 from the ?Drawing Down the Moon? album, in the rolling, satanic, whispering BEHERIT style. Definitely something for collectors only.

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